Masterton in Winter

Masterton June 2016


About six months ago I took a trip back down to Wellington and stayed in Masterton but caught the train into town.

Once I had negotiated the train station and arrived in Masterton there was the excitement of a walk in Henley Park the next day. It was pretty wet whilst I was staying there and freezing cold. My promise to my hosts was that I would not be back until Summer when it would at least be warmer. 

Bearing in mind this was June/July and it was the Wairarapa it was amazingly cold and or wet. On the last day there I caught an early train into Wellington in a -5C frost to fly back to New Plymouth and my warm house. Was a little parkie. I understand that the locals play sport in this type of frost whilst the ground is still frozen. Hardy or foolhardy you choose.

This is a bit of a nothing blog so I promise to do a better job next time.